Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is not just about changing a button color and launching an A/B test; in fact, we refer to that practice as A/B guessing — not A/B testing.

Instead, our proprietary Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) process involves gathering and analyzing qualitative, as well as quantitative, data, writing up a series of hypotheses and designing conversion rate test scenarios targeted at improving the conversion rate of your website.

How has our process performed before? Check out a few of our case studies below.

VMware vCenter Protect

Problem: Less than 0.25% of website visitors filled in the product lead form. Ouch!
Our Solution

Echo marketing: Match paid search and display ad messaging to a dynamic campaign landing page that featured a similar headline.


Conversion rate went from less than 0.25% to more than 8%, an 8x+ improvement.


Problem: Launching a new product with no awareness made it tough for site visitors to convert.
Our Solution

A/B test two very different landing pages. One with a video, form and three benefits of the product. The second landing page was completely stripped down to a product video and sign up form.


At a 22% conversion rate, our second test page outperformed the original by 69%.