On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is made up of many elements; architecture, internal link strategy, sitemaps, meta data, schema … well, you get the point.

Using our FOCAL SEO process, we describe on-page SEO like the frame of a house; it’s a strong foundation that requires correct set up from day one along with ongoing maintenance.

Take a look at a few of our case studies for on-page SEO projects.


Chevron’s local news website, The Richmond Standard, was not ranking for any local keyword searches even though they were writing dozens of local news stories about the city of Richmond, CA.
Our Solution

Local SEO optimization plan. This plan got Richmond Standard accepted into Google News results, improved search engine results page (SERP) performance and optimized each story as it was published to outrank other competing news sources.


This program tripled search engine traffic and made The Richmond Standard the third most widely read news source in Contra Costa County in less than 12 months.


Problem: How do you compete with usertesting.com for “user testing” focused keywords?
Our Solution

MKG developed an aggressive content strategy that included evergreen and temporal content, guest posting, as well as search engine results page (SERP) optimization.


This program increased their overall site traffic by 84% and boosted lead conversions by 11 times in less than 60 days, a huge win for the YouEye team.

Parallels Desktop

Problem: How do we increase revenue from search engines?
Our Solution

A combination of technical, on-page SEO fixes on key product pages along with a more aggressive non-branded content strategy to capture long-tail keyword searches.


Boosted e-commerce revenue from search engines by 47% year-over-year, producing a seven-figure increase in revenue from non-branded keywords.

VMware vCloud Air

Problem: How do we gain visibility for a new product at a fraction of the cost of paid search advertising?
Our Solution

A combination of technical, on-page SEO fixes along with advanced link-building strategies that include influencer marketing and evergreen content strategy.


Blew paid search performance out of the water. Organic search engine traffic converted site visitors at a 15% conversion rate and at a 500 times more efficient cost per lead.