Pay-Per-Click Case Studies

Since the day we opened our doors at MKG, we’ve experimented with nearly every type of paid advertising strategy you can run.

Over the last four years, we found that pay per click (PPC) was the sweet spot, so we developed our Advertising Manifesto to reflect the way we want to manage PPC campaigns for our clients.

Speaking of those campaigns, take a look at a case study or two below.


Problem: The Richmond Standard needed a big boost in their email subscribers. Unfortunately, users weren’t signing up right away when they hit the website.
Our Solution

A comprehensive strategy amongst Paid Search, display advertising, Facebook ads and content syndication through Outbrain.


After launching this program, we drove 80% of all email sign ups and continue to run this program to this very day.

Parallels Access

Problem: How do we get people to download Parallels’ newest, coolest remote desktop application?
Our Solution

Fish where the fish are; Parallels Access application made it easier to collaborate on work files natively from their iPad. With that key insight in mind, we ran a Facebook app install campaign to build on the collaboration features.


Generated installs at less than a $1, which was five times better than the second-best acquisition channel.