Research & Analytics

This competency is divided into two seperate buckets: Research and Analytics.

  • Research: This includes UX research, user testing and usability testing.
  • Analytics: This competency focuses on measurement strategy, web & campaign analytics as well as conversion rate optimization.
Conversion Rate Optimization: This isn’t just A/B testing landing pages – our unique CRO process uncovers opportunities you didn’t even know existed to improve your conversion rate.
UX Research: While quantitative analytics data is important, sometimes you just can’t make up for a really great qualitative set of insights. This research is performed as remote user tests, usability testing and surveys.
Measurement Strategy: STOP! Don’t launch that marketing campaign just yet. We build out and implement custom measurement strategies that help set target KPI’s and measure marketing progress.
Web & Campaign Analytics:Our team is a Google certified professional group and our CEO hosts a monthly Google Analytics meet up. Using Adobe SiteCatalyst? Yeah, we have implementation experience with that too. Our web and campaign analytics chops range from implementing and maintaining web analytics tools, ongoing measurement & reporting.