Jun 30, 2016
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On June 29, 2016, Facebook’s VP of Product Management for the News Feed, Adam Mosseri, revealed that Facebook is planning to update the news feed to include more personal posts at the expense of posts from pages and businesses.

He wrote:

Today, we’re announcing an update to News Feed that helps you see more posts from your friends and family.

And he links to ANOTHER update, published the same day, from Facebook Engineering Director Lars Backstrom with the nitty gritty of the update.

As an agency who delivers outstanding PPC results for clients (including via Facebook Ads), this news initially had us worried.

But I’m here to say:

This news feed update will have ZERO impact on businesses who are advertising on Facebook.


How can Adam Bullock, paid social extraordinaire on the MKG Marketing Inc. team, make this bold claim?

Easy, because Facebook:

  1. Never mentions the words: “ad,” “ads,” “advertisement, “advertising,” or “paid” in either of the updates.
  2. Directly mentioned the tough “Pandora’s Box”-esque difficulty that is showing up in the news feed (a common problem for any organic campaign on Facebook).
  3. Knows how to make $$$ (Facebook made $1.6 billion in profit last year, a 123% increase in profit YoY).
  4. Continues to increase the amount of money they make per user (from $9 per user in 2014 to $13 in 2015).

No mention of less advertising spaces.

Zero mention of less ads displayed per user.

Only that traffic via “page posts” may suffer for companies with low engagement.

This update actually HELPS Facebook advertisers!


It’s all about that detailed targeting, baby!

The more you share, like, and comment, the more Facebook knows about you. And this only INCREASES their capabilities to be able to include users in specific detailed targeting segments.

I was prompted to write this post because a Google search found NOTHING when I searched “June 29, 2016 Facebook news feed update” + “facebook ads.” I hope, fellow marketer, that it puts your mind at ease.

If you have any other questions regarding Facebook Ads, paid social advertising in general, or the best late 90’s alternative music, give me a shout on Twitter at @MrAdamBullock.


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