Oct 17, 2016
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Recently our COO Kerry Guard asked everyone on the team a very important question:

Why do you choose to work at MKG?

My answer is simple: I choose to live and breathe MKG because of the vision our team has collectively created and the fact that this vision is centered around our core values. And that vision is something that really vibes with me as a person. I want to be surrounded by colleagues who come from very diverse backgrounds BUT share the same mentality – not just as a professional but at a personal level.

Our core values (People First, Exceeding Expectations, Fearless, Big Picture and Team Pride) are not vaporware – we use them every single day to help continue building the best possible place to work for our team members as well as the most pleasant client/vendor relationship we have with all our customers.

Core values help answer questions like:

  • Should we continue working with XYZ client?
  • Are we under/overdelivering for our customers?
  • Which job applicant should we hire?
  • Where do we want to be in 1 year? 5 years? 10 years?

These core values are validated every single day with feedback from team members and our paying customers. Seeing these values in practice is an awe-inspiring experience that I get to enjoy on a weekly (if not daily!) basis.




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