3 Tips to Find a Great Social Media Marketing Agency

This question comes up all the time when speaking with brand marketers:

How do I find a good social marketing media agency?

As we’ve heard that question so many times lately, we decided to put together three tips for brands to use in finding their next great social media marketing shop.

Tip #1: Use Twitter Search as Your Guide

If you’re looking to hire a social media marketing agency, there’s probably one thing that’s absolutely necessary:

Their own social media channels should be active, filled with fresh content (their own & others) and engaging in conversations with others

Due to it’s very nature as an information sharing platform, we recommend brands use to Twitter to help source prospective social media marketing agencies that are active on that channel.

Here are a few steps to get you started:

  1. Head to the URL search.twitter.com to begin searching recent tweets
  2. Type in relevant hashtags, in this case #agency and #social
  3. Sift through the tweets and, more importantly, the people / agencies who are posting these tweets

Take a look at the screenshot below:

As you can see at the top left, there is a ‘People’ section that allows you to click on individual brands/people that show up for the following hash tags.

When I hovered over it, I found the following:

  • Four Social Media Marketing Agencies spanning from Vancouver, Canada, to London, England
  • Two Digital Marketing Agencies, based here in the United States
  • One Social Media Job Board

As our headline suggests, use Twitter as your guide! Look for social media marketing agencies that are active on their own channels to hire on to manage your own.

Tip #2: Take Your Need to Google

Much like using Twitter search as an avenue to find your next social media marketing agency, a properly tuned Google search should bring up a series of paid and organic search results for you to consider.

Let’s start with the paid search results:

  1. I started with the search term 'need social media agency'
  2. Looking at the paid search results, I found more than 15 options on the first page alone

See my screenshot below:

Performing the same exercise, let’s take a look at the top 5 organic search results:

To help make sense of all these paid & organic search results, ask yourself the following:

  • Do we need a full-blown social media marketing agency, or can we get away with a freelance hire?
  • Are there tools advertised in these paid search results that could be utilized by my existing staff to perform the duties a social media marketing agency normally would help us with?
  • Do I want a local agency or is my main focus on finding the best available option, regardless of location?

Tip #3: Peruse Marketing Websites for Case Studies

Marketing websites do a fantastic job of posting groundbreaking client work or agency-provided case studies that show off resultsof  innovative & new marketing techniques.

The best part of all this work being highlighted: The agency is always given credit in the footnotes!

Set up a Google Alert (instructions here) to monitor the following websites for social media marketing case studies and agencies:

  1. AdLand.tv: AdLand is an independently ran website that features new and innovative marketing executions from brands and agencies
  2. Media Bistro: Media Bistro features Agency Spy, an agency-specific section of their website that takes a look at new client business, where top agency talent is working at & more
  3. Mashable Marketing Section: Featured in the image below, Mashable's marketing section details how brands and agencies are implementing new marketing techniques, particularly in the realm of social media marketing

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