3 Ways Digital Marketing Agencies Measure Mobile

As a digital marketing agency that focuses on integrating multiple channels into our clients’ marketing mix, we are constantly asked the following:

Where does mobile fit in? And how do I measure performance?

Based on our experience running mobile marketing campaigns, we wanted to highlight three executions & measurement options:


The Backgroundclick to call mobile advertising

Mobile devices provide a fantastic conversion point: Calling your business!

Think consumers are shy to click the ‘call’ button on their mobile device? Think again.

BIA/Kelsey research shows that mobile call volume will double by 2014. Additional research has shown that inbound phone calls are 15 TIMES more likely to convert than a web lead from a download form.

The Execution

So how can your brand create & execute a click-to-call campaign?

  • Mobile Search: The major search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo) all support the option to run paid search ads on mobile devices. Instead of sending users to a mobile landing page, allow them to dial directly in to your business.
  • Mobile Banner: As users are surfing the internet on their mobile device or engaging with Yelp or a local traffic app, present a banner prompting your customer to click-to-call to learn more about the offering being advertised.

The Measurement 

Click-to-call  performance can be measured by creating a Google Talk number (free) and connecting with your brands Google AdWords account.

When a customer dials the phone number or clicks on an mobile search or banner ad, Google AdWords will capture that action.

SMS Marketing

The BackgroundSMS database opt-in mobile marketing

Short Message Service (SMS) marketing encourages customers to ‘opt in’ to receive special offers, updates & additional information from a brand via a text message on their mobile device.

The Execution

Similar to email marketing in that the objective is to capture & nurture a direct line of communication with your audience, SMS marketing flourishes when there are location-specific or limited time offers. Great examples include:

  • "2-for-1 fish tacos during happy hour!"
  • "New location! Come get FREE taco with beverage purchase during lunch!"

The Measurement

SMS marketing also helps bridge the gap between digital & offline, as success is typically measured in actual number of offers redeemed at a physical location.

Database Marketing

The Background

Similar to SMS marketing, the focus of mobile database marketing is to capture ‘opt in’ leads to begin nurturing via a CRM or email marketing program.

The real value of database marketing is to create unique segments across platforms (mobile, tablet, PC), channels (CRM, online ads, mobile advertising, etc) & audience segments (B2B audience … B2G audience … etc)

The Execution

Database marketing is a classic give-and-take exchange: In exchange for you, the customer’s, email address, we the brand will deliver you an offer via email.

Take a look at the example on the right:mobile marketing database email opt in

  1. Brand would like to acquire customers' email addresses
  2. In exchange for that information, they will provide a $10 coupon for every $30 the customer spends at the restaurant

The Measurement

Database marketing campaigns can drive toward multiple goals and objectives, but here are a few of the more valuable metrics to determine success on mobile database marketing campaigns:

  • Conversion Rates, such as number of opt ins divided by number offers redeemed
  •  Life Time Value, by continuing to measure redemption for each individual opt-in customer
  • Revenue per Redemption, to determine high value audiences & promotions

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