Needed to attract new parent leads at a more efficient cost per acquisition (CPA) than what a previous agency was generating: a classic paid search (Google Ads) agency transition.



BASIS had been working with a media partner that a) buried their service fees into the media spend, and b) was not efficient enough attracting new parent leads for the BASIS Independent family of schools (5 campuses in total). BASIS expressed a real need for a new media partner that was more strategic in their approach while also keeping an eye out for brand new opportunities the BASIS brand could be taking advantage of across Facebook and Google Ads.


In less than 90 days we improved the BASIS CPA figures by 41%.

How We Got There

Testing, trying new ad formats, and T-E-S-T-I-N-G.

We started with a broad audience and had A/B testing running on nearly every available part of an ad that we could. In addition, we looked at which ad types resonated with which audience, and refined our advertising from there. At the end, we put the best message with the best creative in front of the appropriate audience.

Add in a dash of experienced marketing wizardry and some optimization voodoo, of course.

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