ExtraHop provides a solution that IT departments would benefit from implementing in their organization. They needed to speak to the information technology audience in their native social media environments to convince them to sign up for a product demo or download a white paper.



ExtraHop Networks, Inc. is an enterprise technology real-time wire data and IT operations analytics company that offers network appliances that perform real-time analysis of wire data for performance troubleshooting, security detection, optimization and tuning, and business analytics. The company had a footprint in traditional paid search advertising, but had yet to try biddable, paid social advertising.


MKG launched paid social advertising that delivered a first week conversion rate 151% better than the established paid search channel.

What happened after that first week? Biddable improved to deliver a 4x better conversion rate than the long-running and heavily-relied upon paid search channel.

How We Got There

Using specific and detailed targeting criteria, along with focused messaging, MKG put the right message in front of the right audience. Using A/B tests, segmenting creative, messaging, and smart targeting allowed to us by channel, MKG was able to refine results on the fly and provide immense value in an area where their client had found no success traditionally.

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