Increase quantity and quality of net-new customer leads that turn into opportunities and pipeline value compared to vendors from the past -- with the exact same PPC budget that the previous vendors received.



ExtraHop Networks had a common problem - In order to meet their financial targets the sales team needed to see a larger volume of high quality leads being driven into the sales pipeline. Unfortunately the marketing team did not have the luxury of increasing their overall marketing budget, asking us to optimize their existing Google Ads Search and Display campaigns to a point where they produced higher quality traffic that turned into sales opportunities.


Increased pipeline value by 74% Year-over-Year, a $1.7 million improvement, with the same budget.

How We Got There

How we got there: The key drivers that led to our collective success were:

  • Audience Segmentation & Targeting: Instead of remarketing general creative to a broad audience, we began to segment visitors to the website into different campaign buckets based on engagement, content viewed and number of visits to
  • Early Access to Bid Strategies for Display Advertising: As a Google Premier Agency Partner, MKG Marketing has access to a dedicated Account Development Representative as well as an Account Strategist. Our Account Strategist was able to grant early access (before any other advertiser!) to Google’s Smart Display tactic, a tactic that had extremely economically CPC pricing and high CTR’s, driving efficient clicks that converted to leads on
  • Shift in measurement model: ExtraHop lost their in-house digital analyst and, as a result, needed support to model their measurement strategy across different process, people and systems. We led the charge to integrate their marketing stack; from web analytics (Google Analytics) all the way through to Salesforce pipeline reporting

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