How does an established website like iterate and execute on SEO strategy to fend off smaller competitors nipping at their heels? By creating an agile workflow between SEO agency and internal stakeholders across product marketing, content strategy and web engineering.



Informatica was looking for help to accelerate SEO performance as well as integrate SEO across their organization, as content creators and product teams were not always following best practices, leaving opportunity “on the table” when competing in Organic Search rankings and results pages. While Informatica’s Chief Marketing Officer made the decision to create a Center of Excellence approach for marketing, they needed a strong agency partner with deep technology vertical expertise to drive SEO for the organization.


Our collective hard work brought a larger volume of better quaity traffic to the Informatica website. Doing so increased SEO traffic by 15%, web conversion by 57% and pipeline value by 20% (an eight-figure increase) year-over-year in the first 18 months working together.

How We Got There

Using our homegrown 6 Point SEO Audit, MKG audited to create an agile SEO strategy plotted out into sprints that aligned with Informatica’s web strategy team’s own development sprints. Informatica asked MKG to serve as a coordinator between teams, distributing tasks based on workflow to appropriate teams. Most importantly: We instituted standard operating procedures within the client’s walls to track back to any changes made with ranking / traffic / conversion behavior to inform ongoing SEO efforts.

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