How can the leader in virtualization technology - a large enterprise company named VMware - spin up and launch a brand new product from scratch? More importantly: How do they plan to acquire new customers for this product?



VMware wanted to enter the hybrid cloud computing space - a relatively new space that combined two very well established products in the market (Public Cloud computing and Private Cloud computing). Entering this brand new brand with absolutely zero visibility, VMware stakeholders needed to make a huge SEO push on the content and technical optimization front to begin to turn heads in their direction.


"Last year, the site I manage did not show up in natural search at all. A year later, we are showing up on the first page of search results with 15 keywords. Search traffic now contributes 20% of our site traffic.

I was also responsible for driving signups for our beta and early access OnDemand service. The SEO work that MKG did was the best performing tactic - it drove 30% of all sign ups with a 13% conversion (page views to sign ups), at the best cost per sign up of $2.34. It's hard to beat a $2 cost per acquisition.”

Marguerite Yeo, Director of Web Marketing

How We Got There

Quantitative and qualitative research with a focus on competitive analysis.

There were major players in this space (AWS, Azure) and we wanted to glean as much information as possible, identifying what they were doing right and opportunities for vCloud Air to capitalize on.

Through a mixture of on-page optimization and “us too” inbound link building tactics, we started involving vCloud Air OnDemand whenever discussions of AWS and Azure were happening.

We also ensured that the large user base of current VMware vSphere customers were well aware of the new product offering, and how it was a realistic extension of using their current VMware product.

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