When MKG took over the Paid Search and Paid Display programs for Weaveworks, there was an issue of a) Paid Search auctions being too expensive to compete in, and b) Paid Display driving poor quality visitors who didn't convert into Free Trial users.



MKG Marketing used Broad Match Modifier on Google Search Network as a discovery tool ... looking at which keywords drove conversions as well as terrific website engagement. As keywords drove engagement and conversions, he pulled those search queries out of BMM and focused on Phrase and Exact match modifications to tighten down where we showed our ads. Previously their Google Display Network performance was atrocious: low engagement on site, didn’t convert into free trial or asset downloads. It was a mess of Google intent segments that really never performed well. In leiu of the GDN intent segments, we did keyword targeting based on phrase and exact match "winner" keywords that Google Search showed us in our discovery phase. Taking it a step further, we took the "winner" keywords and rolled them out to YouTube on select channels to expand our reach to the DevOps audience. As more keyword data flowed in it became rinse and repeat: Move BMM kw's --> phrase or exact on Search Network --> roll over to Display --> roll over to YouTube Continue to "farm" more keywords from Search Network to improve Search, Display and YouTube


Within 90 days of taking over the Paid Search and Display accounts and adjusting targeting, we saw the best Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) ever from Display, improving the CAC cost and volume of conversions by 264% and 72%, respectively.

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