When MKG took over the Paid Search and Paid Display programs for Weaveworks, there was an issue of a) Paid Search auctions being too expensive to compete in, and b) Paid Display driving poor quality visitors who didn't convert into Free Trial users.



From a Paid Search standpoint, our team revised the keyword strategy and match type analysis in order to show up for bottom-of-the-funnel, long tail searches that indicated the user was at a decision point in their research process (not just generally learning about products or solutions). The key with Paid Display was to analyze targeting options and focus the entirety of our budget on top performing target options, which results in our team strictly serving Display Ads on related YouTube video tutorials, which put Weaveworks in front of prospective customers as they were teaching themselves how to use products or commands similar to Weave Cloud's offering.


Within 90 days of taking over the Paid Search and Display accounts and adjusting targeting, we saw the best Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) ever from Display, improving the CAC cost and volume of conversions by 264% and 72%, respectively.

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