How does a new player in a relatively new market like the Container Networking and DevOps catch up and surpass the industry leaders on Search Engine results, traffic and conversion? By focusing their limited resources on a smaller number of high impact opportunities! Instead of trying to do (i)everything(/i) on the SEO front, focus all resources on 2-3 big opportunities for growth.



For a brand new company like Weaveworks, rising up into top Search Engine positions will require a lot of work. Why is that? There isn't a lot of content to optimize in the first place! Before MKG began working with them, the Weaveworks team was producing a large volume of content in the form of guides, blog posts, video tutorials and other pieces of content. Unfortunately a large assembly line of content was not producing the gains that Weaveworks needed to see. Alongside temporal content updates, such as the announcement of speaking engagements at industry conferences, MKG focused to Evergreen content strategy. We recommended the production of one (only 1!) Evergreen piece of content each quarter ... but to work with together to select an up-and-coming topic that we could quickly began to eat up real estate rankings for traditional and Universal search results.


After seeing single-digit SEO improvements for multiple quarters in a row, the Evergreen content strategy produced an explosion of SEO traffic: SEO traffic increased by 98% (year-over-year), nearly doubling, during the first quarter of the improved Evergreen content strategy. This growth continued in the every single quarter that followed as Weaveworks and MKG produced one key Evergreen piece of content for up-and-coming topics in the Container Networking industry.

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