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The MKG Client Journey

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Business Leaders...

Require two things in a digital marketing partnership with their digital marketing agency:

  1. Success. You are investing your marketing budget. What’s the return?
  2. Trust. You don’t have time to hold our hand. You want to trust that we know your business.
Our Values

True B2B Partnership

Transparency, clear expectations, and goals are the foundation of any good b2b partnership. It’s also what leads to results.

Maxim Integrated Partnership
Reviewing performance with digital marketing partner | MKG Marketing
Transparent Partnership

Partnership Starts With Transparency.

With your bottom line.

We don't show up on day one, with a SEO Raven out-put and tell you your problems and expect you to just go fix them. It's a partnership. To be successful we have to work together.

Customer Journey

The MKG Client Journey

Here's what you can expect as soon as you book a discovery call.


Set a meeting with our sales representative AnDrae’ Jones who will take 60 minutes to listen to your business challenges, budget, KPIs and more. The more you’re open to telling us, the better we can scope and ensure we put the right resources in place to grow your business.


We take the notes from our discovery meeting to see if we’re a good partner fit for you. The way we grade this is through a numeric scoring guide that we run the answers through that spits out an answer. The question we answer: Is MKG positioned well to help your business?


If we are a good business fit, we’ll work together to define the scope of services, resource support, and service level language our annual partnership.

Review and Discover

We’ll meet one last time. In this meeting we will include an Account Director that would work with you to walk you through the final proposal. You’ll have 30 days to review and sign it. Once approved our sales representative, AnDrae’, will send the proposal via Docusign for your signature.

Kick Off

Once the contract is signed, you’re officially in the good hands of your Account Director and their team of experts. You’ll have an onboarding meeting to:

  1. Meet your full team at MKG
  2. Review Goals
  3. Brand Overview
  4. Discuss Existing Performance
  5. Your work style, tools, and access
  6. Explore your immediate and long term expectations

First Three Months Initial Results

  • Web and campaign analytics review and identified issues resolved
  • Reduce wasted spend on PPC campaigns (if you have campaigns running, or have in the past)
  • Weekly dashboard reporting for PPC campaigns
  • Monthly performance reporting with executive summary overview
  • SEO audit of priority problems and recommendations on fixing those
  • Benchmark for future KPIs

First 12 Months Working Together:

  • KPIs: Work with day-to-day stakeholder and their upper management to determine a business' true north in terms of what success looks like.
  • Work Rhythm: the company uses that team to learn how MKG works, and we learn how they work for increased efficiency.
  • Performance Against MKG Portfolio Benchmarks: In 12 months our clients see an average ROI of Sales pipeline create / spend of 10-to-1 (every $1 invested with MKG yields $10 in sales pipeline)

Our Partnership In Action

ExtraHop Networks rebuilt their marketing team in the middle of our contract. See how we built trust with an entirely new team.

ExtraHop PPC Case Study

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