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The Agile Manifesto

The Agile Manifesto

This took the software development world by storm.

Software developers like the concept of continuously delivering new or improved software.

End users are the beneficiaries of continuous improvement. Things ‘just work better’ than they used to.

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For All

Agile doesn’t belong to a single person or company.

In fact, the original signatories on the Agile Manifesto wanted anyone to be able to use it.

So how does a company like Atlassian, a business that provides agile development as well as business tools such as Jira, HipChat, and more, attach themselves to the Agile movement?

Meet Atlassian
Agile | Scrum

This is a fine line to walk.

While Atlassian as a company as well as their product lines were built for Agile teams, they didn’t want to appropriate the concept.

In fact, the Agile development community wouldn’t have allowed that to happen even if they tried.

Instead, Atlassian wanted to become synonymous with the term Agile when business leaders or software developers thought about companies that helped define what Agile is.

The MKG Plan: The Agile Coach

What Atlassian really needed was support from a Content as well as Organic Search strategy standpoint. We created the Agile Coach to tackle this issue.

Keyword Research

Outline which keyword phrases and topic clusters to focus on. This answered the question What do we want to rank for?

Content Strategy

Describe what type of content - text, video, image - we needed on the topic clusters. Additionally, where this would live on Atlassian’s website (1 off the root directory at /agile) as well as working with copywriters to develop content briefs for them to work from.}

Technical SEO projects

Identify how this should be programmed (HTML/Schema) as well as how the Agile Coach will interlink within other Atlassian content.

The Results Are In

Being associated with ‘agile’ was critical for the success of this project.

Either we would help Atlassian become associated with that framework in the eyes of search engines ... or we would not.

So how did we do?

  1. Earned a first page ranking (position 8!) for the term ‘agile’ in less than 90 days
  2. In 12 months time, we owned approximately 5% market share for all Organic Search impressions and clicks on a broad match basis for the term ‘agile’
  3. In less than 12 months the Agile Coach series of hub pages and other website content generated 10’s of 1000’s of monthly organic search visits
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