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John Trembley

Our Marketing Leader

John Trembley is the CMO at Atmosera, a cloud solution provider.

Atmosera specializes in managed services for companies looking to move their infrastructure or services to a cloud based environment. One of John’s core responsibilities, the thing he cares most about, as CMO is demand generation and brand awareness.

In plain English - Drive new customer leads for the sales team to close.

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Stalemate to Checkmate

Atmosera was using another agency for demand generation efforts through PPC, SEO and Analytics before the start of the engagement and needed a change.

About Atmosera

Referrals Make Great Partners

The CEO of Atmosera suggested that John reach out to MKG after hearing about them from a personal acquaintance.

After a series of discovery and scoping calls John made the decision to hire MKG to replace their current agency.

Our Discovery Process
John Trembley
“The campaigns drove 100% of all new customer leads that we were able to convert to sales in the last year. This is an incredible indicator of success."
~ John Trembley

The MKG Plan: The Right Message & Media

MKG stepped in as Atmosera’s agency of record (AOR) for SEO and PPC advertising.

Getting the working relationship off the ground looked a little something like…

1. Means

Our two teams worked proactively to identify specific areas for improvement while constantly managing the combination of keywords, themes, and subject matter expertise that we want to highlight.

2. Message

This kick started the SEO strategy by identifying content areas that are successful/lacking.

3. Media

We used the SEO strategy in conjunction with the other channels and campaigns that are tied to specific topics or services that Atmosera wanted to promote. We connected everything through pay-per-click (PPC) ads to generate traffic to the site.

John Trembley
67% of those sales were directly attributed to SEO and pay-per-click.
~ John Trembley

The Results

In the first 12 months of working with Atmosera MKG delivered two-thirds (67%) of all new customer sales.

John could not have been happier.

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