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Our Marketing Manager

Joanne Kernie is a highly motivated professional with more than 20 years of successful B2B and B2C marketing leadership and international experience.

She is highly skilled in driving strategy, development and execution of marketing programs to generate demand and drive revenue growth.

Most importantly for us: She's one of the lead client contacts for MKG at ExtraHop Networks, a client we've had in our portfolio for five (5!) years now.

Meet Joanne

Limited Resources

ExtraHop Networks had a common problem that we hear quite often: In order to meet their financial targets the sales team needed to see a larger volume of high quality leads being driven into the sales pipeline.

Unfortunately the marketing team did not have the luxury of increasing their overall marketing budget.

Instead, they needed the same paid media budget to produce higher quality traffic that turns into sales opportunities in Salesforce.

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Digital Advertising Meets Facebook Targeting

Quality Over Quantitiy

This is a very common point of friction between marketing and sales functions at a fast growing security company like ExtraHop Networks.

The MKG team recognizes this point of friction and that is why we focus on a single source of truth for measuring paid demand generation success.

It’s never media metrics like CTR or Clicks.

We like to meet both departments in the middle by focusing on sales activity that can be tied back to marketing's demand gen activities.

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Plan of Action

Which leads us to our plan of action for ExtraHop Networks after we took over the paid demand gen responsibilities.

Audience Segmentation & Targeting

Instead of remarketing general creative to a broad audience, we began to segment visitors to the website into different campaign buckets based on engagement, content viewed and number of visits to

Early Access

As a Google Premier Agency Partner, we have access to a dedicated Account Development Representative as well as an Account Strategist. Our Account Strategist granted us early access (before any other advertiser!) to Google’s Smart Display tactic. A tactic that had extremely economical CPCs and high CTR’s, driving efficient clicks that converted to leads on

Shift in measurement model:

ExtraHop lost their in-house digital analyst and, as a result, needed support to model their measurement strategy across different process, people and systems. We led the charge to integrate their marketing stack; from web analytics (Google Analytics) all the way through to Salesforce pipeline reporting

Targeted Results

During this time we generated the following results: 74% Increased pipeline value Year-over-Year. This is equal to a 7-figure multimillion dollar improvement.

Besides the financial improvements, we could not have accomplished these improvements without the amazing team at ExtraHop who helped size up and then break through any barriers that were holding the channel performance back. It was an incredibly team effort between our two companies to get ExtraHop where they needed to go.

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