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Jaq Evans


Jaq Evans, the Marketing Manager at ExtraHop Networks.

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Problem To Solution

ExtraHop Networks has a strong product that solved serious pain for Information Technology departments.

The thing holding Jaq, one of their marketing managers, and the rest of the company back from explosive growth - clearly articulating their product advantages to beat out their competitors.

Prospective customers perform dozens of searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing in order to narrow down the set of vendors for them to consider, so if ExtraHop wasn’t appearing for all the right search queries in a high position on Page 1 of the Paid or Organic search results, they risked being left out of the vendor set a prospective customer was considering.

Additionally, Jaq faced an internal problem. She inherited the working relationship with MKG from a previous colleague. How could she come to understand if we were a good agency for her (or not)?

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ExtraHop Networks

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The consequence of not appearing on Page 1 of Google or Bing search results was clear as day to the MKG Marketing team.

Fewer eyeballs on their product(s).

Fewer eyeballs means fewer sales conversations.

Fewer sales conversions results in ... you guessed it. Fewer sales.

In addition to the sales figures, Jaq needed to know that she could trust us to help them grow. It’s a binary relationship in that sense. Either we hit their goals or we didn’t. Only time would tell with Jaq.

Previous Results
Jaq Evans
The team is proactive and organized. While they aren’t the cheapest option on the SEO market, the team consistently delivers impressive results.”
~ Jaq Evans

The MKG Plan: The Right Messaging & Measurement

Jaq needed to know what we had already done with her predecessor as well as what we planned to do in the future to continue to improve SEO performance. In terms of what we had done prior to working with Jaq -


Using our homegrown 6 Point SEO Audit, we audited the existing Organic Search landscape in order to build out a SEO roadmap of activities to execute against.


Once we completed the roadmap we were able to methodically work through each opportunity for SEO growth, integrating seamlessly with the ExtraHop content strategy team, web engineering and product marketing to deliver recommendations that drove SEO growth at the top of the marketing funnel.


Looking to the future, our audit recommended that we focus on -
1. On-Page SEO optimization
2. Keyword Research and Strategy to set the target search queries we wanted to rank for
3. Content Strategy and Marketing guidance to ensure we get the correct content produced from ExtraHop's product marketing stakeholders and copywriters

Jaq Evans
MKG Marketing’s efforts significantly increased the number of inbound leads. They also helped raise search rankings on certain keywords.
~ Jaq Evans


The MKG team has been working with ExtraHop Networks since 2015.

That’s right. More than 5 years with the same brand as they have grown into a scaling, 9-figure per year business.

During the first 36 months of working together, MKG produced the following SEO results -

- Increased SEO traffic by 1.5x
- Improved web conversions (leads) by 3x
- Increased pipeline value by 99% Year-over-Year, a 7 figure improvement

We did this with the same level of budget during that timeframe. No increase in the investment level. Only an increase the results.

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