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Where are the decision makers?

Senior leadership within the ExtraHop Networks marketing team had a major concern.
B2B decision makers don’t use Facebook to make purchase decisions.

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Digital Advertising Meets Facebook Targeting

Not where you think.

We’ve heard these doubts before.

“Try LinkedIn. They have amazing targeting. And it’s a business-minded social network.”

And those statements are totally correct.

LinkedIn does have amazing targeting. It is a business-minded social network.

And it can be concerning to try out Facebook Ads targeted at B2B decision makers. What if it doesn’t work? How can the audience really be there? Aren’t they focused on cat memes, baby pictures and catching up with college buddies - not signing up for cybersecurity demos?

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Plan of Action

Our Facebook Ads pilot program to generate sales pipeline and leads:

Right Audience

Using specific and detailed targeting criteria.

Right Message

MKG put a focused message in front of the targeted audience. Different audiences have different pain points.

Right Measurement

We launched A/B tests, segmented the creative as well as messaging and finally created custom audiences.

Targeted Results

During the first 12 months of managing ExtraHop’s Facebook advertising efforts we collectively saw the following results:

  • A first week conversion rate 1.5x better than Paid Search on Google or Microsoft Ads
  • Improved web leads conversion rate by 4x
  • This was all accomplished with a small pilot program budget. And to this day Facebook Ads remains a part of the paid demand generation mix as it’s continued to generate sales pipeline.
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