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Randi Bartelmie

Our Marketing Manager

Randi is a strategic and innovative Brand Digital Marketing Director with over twelve years of progressive experience in digital marketing.
She is highly regarded for consistently applying the right blend of marketing savvy, insight driven, business acumen, and market expertise in delivering outstanding campaigns and results.

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No Small Decision

Businesswomen or men that make large enterprise technology purchases in the Big Data space all want one thing - For it to work.

It’s tough leading the purchase of technology for a large enterprise.

They're faced with a maze of questions every step of the way through the process.

  1. What do we need?
  2. Who provides that?
  3. How are those solution providers different?
  4. Which solution is right for us?

The consequences of making a poor decision are pretty severe.

  1. There is the obvious financial decision and commitment. Get this wrong and you’ll be back to square one paying to make the same decision again.
  2. If you have to change solution providers, the opportunity cost goes up as you have to re-decide and implement for a second (or third) time.
  3. Last but not least, there is the cost of embarrassment or losing face.

You were the champion on this solution and now ... well, here’s a towel to wipe some of that political egg of your face.

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We Understand Your Customer

These questions and consequences (we’ll call this the Q&C’s) are not easy to answer for our champion enterprise technology buyer. But at Informatica, we were able to guide their marketing team through the process of addressing the Q&C’s head on. We did this a few ways by focus on Search as a channel.

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The Insight

The enterprise buyer is constantly searching.

Searching Google or Bing for information.

Using comparison shopping sites (G2 Crowd) or analyst reports (e.g. Gartner Magic Quadrant).

Searching for information to help them address the questions and concerns their organization has tasked them with to make a wise decision.

The Informatica web marketing team needed assistance from MKG to help guide the buyer through this discussion.

Women IT Professionals

1. Information Architecture

Where should our content live on the website? And how will the buyers consume this content - in a linear fashion or in other ways?

2. Content Strategy

Do we need more content or less? On what topics? What keyword terms or phrases should we attempt to rank for? Ultimately, we created a content brief building process that was used by both MKG and Informatica to draft as well as review the right content for the buyers.

3. On Page SEO

How can we improve the visible elements of the page to help search engines and buyers rank informatica.com pages for the correct buyer phrases?

4. Results In The First 18 Months

  • Improved SEO traffic by 15%
  • Website conversions increased by 57%
  • Pipeline value from SEO traffic increased by 20% (an 8-figure increase)

5. Technical Elements and Page Speed

How should the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) templates be programmed to reduce clutter and meet Google Webmaster best practices so we can outrank our competitors? How can we speed up the pages so they can load faster so we rank higher in Organic Search (SEO) results?

6. Workflow and Process Management

Which team members need to be involved from MKG? From the Informatica team(s)? How will they work with one another?

Continued Performance

And the results didn’t stop there.

Over the last 36 months we continued to put Informatica's Enterprise Tech Buyer at the heart of our strategy and in doing so increased SEO traffic by 51%

We accomplished this by:

  1. Helping Informatica answer hundreds of thousands of buyer questions before they even had the chance to ask a salesperson
  2. Answering these questions resulted in thousands of additional requests from a buyer to speak with an Informatica sales team member
  3. These 1000’s of additional requests resulted in millions of dollars in additional sales contracts (pipeline) being produced and sent out the buyer to make a Go/No Go decision
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