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Daniel Santos

Our Marketing Director Hero

Daniel Santos is a modern-day hero. And not just because he loves the Marvel Universe.

Dan is the senior director of demand, digital and growth marketing at Maxim Integrated (a tech manufacturing and semiconductors company). And he is our client!

Meet Dan

A Tall Order

Maxim Integrated needed to build out their infrastructure correctly from a digital ecosystem and lifecycle management perspective.

Dan was brought in to help the acting Chief Marketing Officer get this done.

That’s a lot of pressure! With some obvious concerns tied to the assignment.

  1. Bring in the wrong partner and prepare to lose face. Dan was the champion of bringing MKG on board to the acting CMO.
  2. With that in mind, MKG needs to deliver results. The board of directors had their eyes on SEO performance. From the top to bottom of the organization everybody was paying attention to how we performed.
  3. About Maxim Integrated

We Always Get In The Boat

We understood Dan’s fears. He had just started a new, high profile position and did not want to fail.

Most importantly Dan wanted everyone to be committed to being “in the boat” together rowing towards our goals.

Meet The MKG Team
Daniel Santos
“MKG went above and beyond to generate that reciprocal relationship. It was both strategic and tactical, friendly and familial. They never made it only about the work side of things. They really embraced the family mentality that I was trying to bring into the organization. To this day, they take a personal and professional interest in getting to know the organization, the different stakeholders, the different goals, both objective and subjective of each and every stakeholder, and apply that to the strategic flow they were looking to achieve.”
~ Daniel Santos

The MKG Plan: Partnership

To tackle what Maxim Integrated needed we both built out the strategy as well as worked with internal stakeholders in different departments to make sure it was executed properly.

Content, content, content

Working on content optimization with the content team.

Internal Link Strategy

Backlink analysis and optimization with the IT department


Audience segmentation based on buyer journeys with the corporate marketing team as well as individual Business Units (BU’s). We even held a meeting or two with the internal Paid Search Manager to ensure that Paid and Organic Search efforts were aligned

Daniel Santos
“The general consensus is that their quality is exceptional. MKG doesn't necessarily hire the new-grad, or someone just out of college. They take a different approach to hiring more subject matter experts within areas of expertise. I think that sets them apart from a lot of different agencies.”
~ Daniel Santos

Traffic Is Up

Content and On Page Optimizations were being made.

The IT team was working on the priority projects from a Technical SEO standpoint.

Now it was time to drive website visitors to take action. Download a data sheet or case study from a relevant company in your industry.

Start a design in EE-Sim.

Contact an Applications Engineer to or read an App Note (or 5) to receive technical support on one of your projects.

These are some examples of ways we worked with Dan’s teams to guide the site visitors toward through the purchase process.

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