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Woman on Phone and Computer

The Bandwidth Bandit

The heavy bandwidth user is on her devices a lot.

She is streaming YouTube playlists while uploading large files at the office. In between file uploads she is sending emails simultaneously on both her phone as well as computer to customers and colleagues. Of course, she prefers to hook up to the company WiFi network to do this in order to send them faster than her 4G phone can manage to push them out since there is always a pesky attachment (or 3) in her emails.

When she gets home, there is some more work to do (does it ever end, I mean really??) along with some gaming to relax.

Well, make that a few members of her household gaming!

The kids are fighting over ‘the good iPad’ to play Animal Crossing while she fires up the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Her plan this evening is to fly next to real live airplanes in the sky - which she can do by playing online.

And that is when it happens.

Know Your Audience

The Spining Wheel

With all of the animals that her kids are crossing Switch to Switch, the file uploads she has going on her work computer as well as the instrument approach she is trying to fly alongside a real life United 747 airplane brings the WiFi network to a standstill.

Flight Simulator freezes for her. Great, and she was on short final!

The kids begin to increase their voice volume. "What’s wrong with animal crossing?" "The iPad is broken!" (it is not...)

And for some reason that work file that her colleague needs is stuck at 43% uploaded.

What is going on?



NETGEAR has been building commercial grade as well as high-performance residential networking hardware since 1996.

You know that first black and blue colored WiFi router that you had inyour house or office? That’s NETGEAR. For nearly three decades NETGEAR has been listening to stories of the working professional - like our example from the story above - and how the cheapest hardware doesn’t generally get you the bandwidth capacity as well as performance that you need.

NETGEAR understands the feeling she has when everything stops working.

Learn About Orbi

The MKG Plan: The Insight

The key is communicate with these heavy bandwidth users where they look for assistance most often.

That would be search engines.

As she disconnects her phone from the WiFi network at home while attempting to separate the children who have now decided they will re-create Animal Crossing in the kitchen (dibs on being a rooster!) she navigates to Google in order to look for help.

“Best wifi router”

“Fastest wifi router for my house”

“Wifi routers for 2 story homes”

And this is where MKG and NETGEAR meet her - we’ve designed and are constantly executing SEO programs that will meet her at the point of where she is researching for a solution. needs to rank competitively in the organic search results for two reasons -

1. Bring potential customers to their website

2. Alleviate the support requests from current or future customers over chat as well as phone

NETGEAR has a sharp team of marketers working within the business units as well as at the corporate level. These marketers needed MKG’s assistance to execute on SEO programs to influence organic search results through programs focused on -


Leverage Information Architecture and Domain Authority across the entirety of focused on the strength of the domain. Produced a URL content strategy that leveraged the strength of the domain itself.

On Page SEO

How can we improve the visible elements of the page to help search engines and buyers rank pages for the correct phrases? Key initiatives included bringing new products to market (NETGEAR Orbi, NETGEAR R9000 router) as well as an active on-page optimization strategy for community/forum content on the subdomain.

Workflow and Process Management

Which team members need to be involved from MKG? From the NETGEAR team(s)? How will they work with one another?

In 90 Days

Within the first 24 months of guiding with the NETGEAR web marketing team, MKG saw some pretty impressive results - 46% increase in organic search traffic.

Putting that result into business terms terms -

  • This increase amounts to millions of additional SEO site visitors than they had been reaching in years past every single year
  • Let’s remind ourselves why organic search traffic is meaningful and has a real business impact for NETGEAR as a company

Besides connecting customers with products that they need, getting site visits from SEO has a real business impact, it reduces the support requests from current or future customers over Chat as well as Phone! Those requests have real costs to them such as the salary’s of support agents as well as the infrastructure investments to keep them running. Targeted visits from search engines help alleviate the cost of the support function at NETGEAR. It’s a win-win!

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