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Jenn Cloud

Our Marketing Manager

Our hero is Jenn Cloud, the Marketing and Communications Manager for OB1. OB1 is a venture-backed business who built and operate a marketplace where you can buy or sell goods using 50+ different cryptocurrencies.

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End to End Tracking

OB1 had a similar issue that was mentioned in the Spring 2020.

According to Jenn, OB1 needed to have excellent tracking for their web properties, campaign conversions and website traffic.

OB1 also needed a steady stream of quality traffic to sign up for their products and applications.

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Quality Over Quantity

The MKG team understood that concern.

Besides the CMO Council study mentioned above, many of our clients have the same issue when they begin working with MKG.

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Jenn Cloud
MKG helped us determine and rank for keywords that we previously looked over.
~ Jenn Cloud

The MKG Plan: The Right Measurement & Media

OB1 relaunched their desktop marketplace application as well as their mobile app. They needed to ensure their apps received maximum exposure.

1. Means

First, we tackled the strategy to plot out how we are going to get traffic and leads to the OB1 mobile app as well as the desktop application, OpenBazaar.

2. Measurement

Before we invest a single penny in paid acquisition we needed to ensure we could track conversions (in this case: app downloads) along with website engagement.

3. Media

Planned and execute traffic-generating activities through organic search keyword targeting and optimization combined with Paid Search (PPC) campaigns.

Jenn Cloud
MKG provided a steady supply of qualified leads for potential clients to visit our website. These leads increased our conversion rate of product downloads.”
~ Jenn Cloud

The Results

In comparing results from after we started working with OB1 to before we came on board we generated the following results:
1. Sessions increase by 127%, with MKG activities accounting for 43% of total sessions.
SEO traffic accounted for 55% of total downloads.

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