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Sonja Schweigert VP or Marketing at Weaveworks

Sonja the Superhero

You’ve already read about Sonja, the VP of Marketing at Weaveworks, in the SEO case study.

As a reminder Sonja needs to put up big numbers to help the growth stage company that she works for.

We made some serious progress on the Organic Search (SEO) front. Unfortunately Paid Search, Display and YouTube (SEM) as a channel was not working hard enough to generate demand for Weaveworks.

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A Challenger Emerges

Remember how difficult it was for a challenger company like Weaveworks to rank in the Organic Search results?

Multiply that by a factor of 2 or 3 to compete in the Paid Search auctions.

Incumbent brands in the micro services, containers and cloud native spaces were investing 2x, 3x, some even as much as 10x the monthly SEM budget that Weaveworks was able to invest.

The Weaveworks Way
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Maximizing Resources

Let us put the issue of competitors investing many more multiples into SEM than Weaveworks could afford aside.

The true fear that Sonja was facing on the Paid Search front was quite direct. Will DevOps professionals want to click on a paid ad on Google search or an image ad on the Google Display network?

Traditionally, this audience disliked advertising online and preferred to consume information in a deep, methodical manner. This explains why SEO was a natural channel to reach this audience. DevOps pros could consume information at their leisure in as much or little detail as they wanted.

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The MKG Plan: The Insight

First, many (but not all!) of the Paid Search auctions were too expensive for Weaveworks to compete in. Second, the DevOps audience doesn’t like seeing or clicking on ads. Finally, Google Display drove poor quality visitors who spent little time on the website and did not convert into Free Trial users.

So how did we approach these three challenges? By creating a process that we could repeat to tighten up our keyword targeting across Search, Display and YouTube so we showed up in front of DevOps pros in ways that couldn’t help but make them curious to click through to learn how Weaveworks could help them.

Broad to Specific

1. We used Broad Match Modifier (BMM) on Google Search Network as a discovery tool. As a discovery tool we used BMM to review which keywords drove conversions as well as terrific website engagement.

2. As keywords drove engagement and conversions, our team pulled those search queries out of BMM and focused on Phrase and Exact match modifications to tighten down where we showed our ads for Paid Search.

Take From Search

Previously their Google Display Network performance was atrocious - low engagement on site, didn’t convert into free trial or asset downloads. It was a mess of Google intent segments that really never performed well.

1. In leiu of the GDN pre-packaged intent segments, we did keyword targeting based on phrase and exact match "winner" keywords that Google Search showed us in the discovery phase.

2. Taking it a step further, we took the "winner" keywords and rolled them out to YouTube on select channels to expand our reach to the DevOps audience.

Hone In

As more keyword data flowed in we repeated the exercise over and over again to discover more “winner” keywords for Google Search, Display and YouTube.

In 90 Days

We saw the best Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) ever from Display with the exact same amount of budget. CAC improved by nearly 3x, and free trial conversions increased by 74%.

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