Karl is a passionate digital marketer who specializes in Search PPC and Display with knowledge and interest in analytics and SEO. Karl loves analyzing campaigns, making data-driven optimizations and figuring out how all the components of a campaign complement with one another.

Current resident of New Orleans & Native of Louisiana. Karl has lived all over the world beginning in Baton Rouge to mastering German in Germany, to Seattle for graduate, to Ukraine for Russian language immersion, to the Beltway for non-profit work and finally back to New Orleans to being a career in local media and digital marketing.

Karl previously worked as SEM & Campaign Optimization Manager at Nola.com and the Times Picayune, before that he worked producing content for various publications and think tanks and in operations at Amazon.com. Karl holds a Masters degree in international studies, and Bachelors of Arts in both History and German Language.

Karl made the move to MKG because he wanted to collaborate with next-level experts he was very impressed by the MKG Difference and saw an unprecedented opportunity to implement his ideas in Search and data-driven, omnichannel campaign optimization to run highly successful campaigns for clients.

Karl loves to cook, geek out with history, is a fan of professional wrestling, and speaks German.

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