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Marketing Analytics Expert

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Having the basics - a good bed to sleep in, good relationships, good food, and good sex - is most important, and those things don’t get much better when you have a lot of money or much worse when you have less. — Ray Dalio

Ilarion is a Marketing Analytics Expert @ MKG Marketing Agency [We help cyber security and data management brands get found via transparent, measurable digital marketing]. Before that, he was the Head of Growth Marketing & Analytics in an e-commerce company managing a multi-channel digital marketing strategy. His background is in Data Science with 3+ years of experience building end-to-end machine learning pipelines across the financial, real estate, and retail sectors.

Larry got into marketing via his math degree, analytics background, and geek mindset.

He loves the challenge behind the work, working with smart people, and delivering insights to drive results.

Larry is most proud of winning the All-Russian Olympiad in Mathematics, graduating Moscow State University with Honors, and being CFO at the age of 23.

Fun facts

  • Lived in Israel, Russia, Moldova, Georgia.
  • Love reading and self-education.
  • Dedicated fan of the Money Heist Netflix show.
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