June 2017 Adwords Benchmarks By Industry

MKG has assembled Adwords Benchmarks for June 2017.

From a collection of advertiser accounts in our Master Client Center (MCC) we saw the following Google AdWords benchmarks in June 2017:

  1. The tech vertical saw a slight increase in CTR and CPC, while conversion rate stayed consistent
  2. The Healthcare vertical saw consistent performance month over month
  3. The travel vertical saw a moderate increase in conversion rate and a small increase in CTR and CPC.

Take a look at the graphs below for AdWords Search and Display Network benchmarks for the following verticals:

  • Tech
  • Healthcare
  • Travel

Tech Vertical

Adwords Display

June Tech Benchmarks for Adwords Display

June Tech Benchmarks for Adwords Paid Search

Healthcare Vertical

Adwords Search

June Healthcare Benchmarks for Adwords Search

Travel Vertical

Adwords Search

June Travel Benchmarks for Adwords Search

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