What is a Data Management Platform & Do I Need One?

A DMP -- or Data Management Platform -- is a centralized location that use first and third party data sources to create custom data segments.

These segments are valuable because:

  • They allow brands to target campaigns more accurately
  • Brands can measure which audience segments performed the best
  •  Brands can refine media buying efficiencies as they collect actionable results over time

And these are just a few of the valuable examples —- Woot!

As an advertiser, how do you know if you need a DMP or not?

Well, here are a couple questions to get the conversation started:

  • Does your brand manage campaigns across multiple ad networks, data partners & inventory exchange sources?
  • Do you want a tighter leash on your advertising costs and hone in on ROI as your key performance metric?
  • Does your brand retarget users and you'd like to scale this tactic up or target more specific niches?
  • Does your company buy media placements, third party data or utilize inventory exchange sources on a regular basis?

Tomorrow, we'll examine five valuable things that your brand should expect to receive when onboarding a DMP platform.

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