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Diary of a Digital Marketing Intern: Part 1 of 5

Jamin Dailey • July 1, 2013 • 3 minutes to read

Time flies when you're having fun, and as I near the half-way point of my digital marketing internship here at MKG Marketing, it's helpful to step back and reflect on the process. Hence, the Diary of a Digital Marketing Intern series was born!

In this series, I plan to outline my role as a digital marketing intern, what I have learned thus far, and why interning for a small business has a big payoff.

In part one of this series I'll give some background info into who I am, and how I became an intern with MGK Media Group.

The Setup: How Did I Get Here?

My name is Jamin Dailey, but here in the office they call me "Jammin Jamin". I'm a marketing student at the University of Montana and am spending my summer in San Francisco as the Digital Strategist and Business Development Intern at MKG Marketing.

In choosing my summer internship, my goals were prioritized to obtain experience over financial gain. This advice was given to me by my Marketing Analytics Professor, Mario Schulzke, who 10 years ago went through a similar decision making process.

His advice to me was simple:

  • Choose Experience Over Comfort: After graduation, Mario's guiding criteria for choosing his first  job was to work for the most senior position at the company, even if it meant he had to work for free, sleep on the floor and eat Ramon Noodles for six months straight (all of which he did).
  • Only Work for 'the Boss' Working for the 'boss' paid off. Mario was the personal intern for Pat Doody, President of Wong Doody ad agency. He quickly rose through the ranks and attributes much of his success to the business exposure gained working directly for Pat.

Why MKG Marketing?

When deciding on the best possible internship for the summer I had one goal in mind: to be exposed to as much marketing expertise as possible.

My checklist was comprised of a few simple items:

  • Money is short term; instead, I focused on gaining experience
  • Get uncomfortable; I wasn't looking to settle in to a 'comfortable' internship, I wanted to expand my professional boundaries
  • Large companies share failures & successes equally; I wanted to learn more as an individual as opposed to a 'herd' of interns

In part two of Dairy of a Digital Marketing Intern, I'll share my experience so far working with the agency!

We'd Like to Hear From You!

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MKG Marketing

Jamin is a business student at the University of Montana and will begin the MBA program in January, 2014. He spent three years marketing with the Southwestern Company allowing him to work in up-state New York, Pittsburgh and Atlanta.

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