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Diary of a Digital Marketing Intern: Doin’ Work!

Jamin Daily • July 7, 2013 • 5 minutes to read

Last week in my Diary of a Digital Marketing Intern: part 1 of 5, I told you a little about me and a bit about how I began working with Mike Krass (CEO) and Kerry Guard (COO) at MKG Marketing in San Francisco.

In the second part of this series, I'll share some of my roles and responsibilities working with the agency.

Doin' Work

My work is divided into two main focuses:

  • Marketing on behalf of clients and brands
  • Marketing for MKG Marketing

Marketing for Clients

The Digital Marketing I perform on behalf of MKG's clients includes social media outreach and management.

What does this mean?

Social Media Outreach for clients using Twitter includes:

  • Schedule external posts daily: External posts position clients as influencers within their target market. External posts are intended to provide value to others by sharing relevant, valuable and interesting articles found on websites other than the clients.
  • Schedule Internal posts daily: Internal  posts are designed to direct traffic directly to the clients website in an effort to increase conversions. Following our best practices, the ratio of internal to external posts is 1:4.
  • Monitor mentions and respond daily: Responding to client  mentions  and thanking people who retweet or feature our articles is an important step in building relationships for our clients.
  • Start conversations daily: These are referred to as  Influencer Engagement  posts and are unselfish in the sense that they are designed to simply engage with the audience and industry experts.
  • Sales Copy: Sales Copy  is an internal  post that highlights sales or promotions and is intended to drive traffic to the client's site and increase conversions.

Social Media Management

  • Monitor Social chatter: Continually monitor all brand mentions as well as gather useful data, graphs and information from social platforms that furthers MKG's marketing initiatives.
  • Follow Business Trends and Policies: Stay up to speed with news and related information regarding trends or policies that may affect our clients' business and/or our marketing initiatives.
  • Bi-Weekly Analytic Reports: I pull analytics from Hootsuite, Moz and Google Analytics in an effort to understand which social media efforts are effective and which are not.

Marketing for MKG Marketing

Unlike the marketing done on behalf of clients, which is very scheduled and somewhat routine, the work I do for MKG varies greatly. Basically, I am here to help the bosses with anything I can, which includes some of the following:

  • Business Development:  I assist the CEO in lead generation and management by: researching potential clients, locating decision makers (usually the VP of Marketing), developing prospecting emails and following up on leads with emails & phone calls. Given my background in sales with the Southwestern Company, I love the business development aspect of my job.
  • Local SEO: Plan and execute  Local SEO strategies  to ensure that MKG Marketing is optimized for all local search engine results.
  • Content Generation: Another aspect of my role here is to develop interactive content. For example: one of our clients wanted to know if he was 'tweeting' correctly. Because I have been managing the client's social media profile, it was fitting that I do the research and provide recommendations to him. This turned into a fun blog post,  The Anatomy of a Great Tweet,  which can be used as a best practices guide for tweeting.
  • Marketing Research: A big part of helping the MKG team is simply doing research to help them better understand clients, market trends and products. Most of my research so far has centered around Technology & Healthcare industries.
  • Media Outreach: Mike and Kerry have given me a great deal of responsibility in 'spearheading' the social outreach efforts for a new client brought on during my internship, the United Educators Association for Affordable Housing (UEAAH).  This non-profit group focuses its efforts on providing affordable housing for teachers.  Of all my roles here at MKG, this project is my favorite; working for a great cause makes work so much more enjoyable!

What I've Learned

Saying that I learn something new every day is a gross understatement; I'm learning tons each and every day! Here are some of the key areas I've learned about:

  • Digital Marketing Tools: I have been exposed to dozens of marketing tools and collaborative platforms that are essential to working efficiently and providing measurable results for our clients. A few examples include Google AnalyticsSalesforce & Basecamp.
  • SEO Copywriting: A valuable skill that Mike and Kerry have helped me learn is effective SEO Copywriting. The key is learning how to write concise, attention-grabbing and valuable content that is easily shared online.
  • Creative: Helping MKG's management develop creative for banner ads, sales copy and advertisments has exposed me to project management and the creative process.
  • Analytics: Marketing is no longer a black hole where companies throw large sums of money and hope it helps. MKG provides measurable results for clients, and doing so, requires data. Analytics are required to prove a Return-on-Investment for our clients; this value exchange guides MKG's marketing initiatives.
  • Website Design: Performing the initial research to outsource a web design project, and 'being a sponge' in the office while Kerry revamps the client's website, has exposed me to the essential components of web design such as  HTML,  which is the 'engine' of the website, and  CSS,  which formats the layout.
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing: MKG uses a tool called Optimizely to perform  A/B Testing  and  Multivariate Analysis  for ad copy, landing pages and other interactive touch points. Understanding how this works is crucial to Digital Marketing and gaining insight from this data is an important part of providing measurable results for our clients.

Keep reading to the third article of this five part series where I explore how to be an effective intern by having a healthy mindset.

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