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An Ode to Christian

Kerry Guard • January 5, 2015 • 3 minutes to read

January 1, 2015 marks a very special day ....

... Christian's 2-year anniversary of working full time at MKG Marketing!

That being said, I'd like to take the time to do a little self-bragging for Christian by recounting five stories that prove Christian is a shining example of the type of team we set out to build three and a half years ago at MKG Marketing.

Reason #1: Oh gosh what have we done!?

When we first hired Christian in January of 2013, we were just wrapping up a large strategic consulting contract with Microsoft's DPE business group. Christian may or may not even know this, but we expected to be tapped to go out and execute on the advertising strategy aspect of all our strategy work in the months to follow.

Guess what happened? The execution was tabled for a later date even though we had just hired somebody to manage the ad strategy (Christian) to come in and manage that work.

As Christian sat around for the first few days without us having a single thing for him to do, he ended up impressing the pants off of us by kicking off a slew of internal SEO projects he conjured up for himself for the MKG Marketing website.

Great example of how his work lives on: to this day, we still rank in the top 5 for 'San Francisco digital marketing agency' as the result of Christian's website SEO optimizations exactly two years ago, outranking agencies much larger and more established than ourselves.

Reason #2: MKG Marketing Watches for Christmas

The year was 2013, Christian went out and dazzled us again by entering a design competition to create custom watch faces hosted by Modify Watches, a fun watchmaker here in San Francisco.

Not only did Christian enter, but he WON and had his design recognized by Modify Watches on their contest page, an honor only a few designers received!

Suuu-wwwweeeeeet! Custom MKG watch designed by [@ChristianBk]( and built by the team at [@ModifyWatches]( here in SF! []( — Mike Krass (@mikekrass) [June 10, 2014](

Reason #3: He recruited our 4th Team Member

Kerry and I used to always say: Is it possible to just clone up another Christian?

As if Christian isn't busy enough at work, he even found time in the Spring of 2014 to make that wish come true for us! He recruited his twin brother, Adam Bullock, to become our fourth full-time team member at the MKG Marketing family!

Reason #4: He's driven by personal curiosity

There are many times when I think Christian works wayyyyy more than he should. Those thoughts are usually followed by wondering to myself "How much does Christian's family despise me if they think we're asking him to work this hard?"

Well, it's taken me two years but I have finally figured out one thing: Christian is naturally curious and truly passionate about the work he does.

Case in point: His 365 Days of SEO project, where he'll produce one short video explaining something in the world of search engine marketing every day for a year beginning on January 1, 2015.

Reason #5: Christian is truly a nice guy and fantastic human being

This may be getting a little sappy, but nearly everyone I meet shares this opinion: Christian is just a really nice guy and a fantastic person.

Happy Two Years, Christian! Celebrate Christian's two year anniversary with us. Subscriptions are the greatest form of flattery. Consider signing up for Christian's 365 Days of SEO. Or leave a comment about a great experience you've had working with him.

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