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The Most Awesome and Official 2014 Goals of MKG Marketing

Kerry Guard • February 12, 2014 • 3 minutes to read

Our team loves to make important decisions on our feet: Literally

We'll lace up our sneakers and host a meeting while we go on a walk. The team is big fans of stretching our legs and getting some fresh air as we make decisions; it just feels good!

On one of our most recent walks, we thought out loud about what fun things we wanted to accomplish in 2014 outside of our business-minded goals. In essence, what makes working at MKG fun and rewarding?

During the course of this walk, all three of us came up with goals that we wanted to shoot for in 2014. For your reading pleasure, we've each written them down in our own words.

Kerry's Goal: Health Challenge

In working with our healthcare client, since 2013, we've learned a lot about taking control of our health. Each quarter we'll take on a new health challenge to better ourselves as well as build on us as a team.

Each quarter, I'll set a new task for us to complete as a team, starting with collecting our own health records. We'll set goals each quarter and blog about our progress. We'll always have links and provide how-to guides so you can join us along the way!

Christian's Goal: Pay it Forward

Every quarter, I'd love for the entire team to give back to our local communities as a group.

My idea to pay it forward is to visit a local Ronald McDonald house in the San Francisco Bay Area or Portland metro area once every quarter. We could throw footballs to kids, read with them or simply bake up a sheet of delicious cookies. The whole concept is to spend time giving back to kids and put a smile on their face.

My personal new year's resolution was to pay it forward. I want to extend this into my workplace and get the team involved. It feels so dang good to do something nice in an unexpected way and I can think of no better thing than to help out our respective local communities.

Mike's Goal: Live a Day in Each Other's Shoes

My goal is fairly simple: Once a month, I'd like all of us to spend an hour doing each others jobs.

This means that each month, we all will ...

  1. Kerry and I get to play search marketer for an hour and try to fill Christian's skates.
  2. Mike and Christian get to play web designer for an hour to fill Kerry's boots.
  3. Kerry and Christian get to play content god to fill Mike's nikes.

We'll Be Writing Through the Entire Process

Keep in mind, we'll be writing about our experience throughout the year. Stay tuned for updates!

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