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Why I work @ MKG | Christian Bullock

Christian Bullock • October 3, 2016 • 2 minutes to read

There are three reasons why I choose to work at MKG:

  • People
  • Output
  • Values

Let me explain what I mean by each.


I work with fascinating, intelligence, wholesome people. My colleagues are people that I respect and that I know respect me. Each and every one of them is a friend outside of work, because I just like them as a person as well as a work colleague. And I know I can rely on them all, whether it's helping with a project or otherwise.


I am proud of every single thing our team delivers to clients. Each sheet, document, email or anything else shows the value of working with us. It's like we are the blacksmiths of digital marketing: we need to know that everything we smith can be relied on when it needs to be. And we feel confident enough to forge it in stone, shaped from the beginning to something we're truly proud of.


Our company has a specific set of values we all live-work by. These weren't just worked on in an evening by the leadership team; they were created with input from everyone in the company. And we work by these principles, we choose clients based on these principles, and evaluate whether they need to stay the same or change on a quarterly basis. They are values that are top of mind every single working day at MKG.

That's why I look forward to work every weekday morning.

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