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A Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest Messaging

Adam Bullock • August 8, 2014 • 3 minutes to read

Pinterest recently released a messaging feature within their network. At first blush, you may be confused; Pinterest is a site all about pinning stuff you find, right? Well, you may find it surprising that Pinterest says pinners use their “send a pin” feature (introduced last year) over 2 million times a day. Pinners are interacting and adding a fully-fledged messaging tool is the next step.

Compared to other messengers in social media...

Pinterest messaging could be the biggest game-changer for marketers.

Let’s begin with a lovely overview video from the self-described visual discovery tool:

Not enough time for a video? Handy bullet points below:

  • Now, whenever you send a pin/board/pinner’s profile to a fellow pinner, it puts whatever you send natively into a 1-on-1-conversation thread.
  • And by natively I truly mean it; you can follow, like, repin and send from within the messaging area just like you would anywhere else on the Pinterest site!
  • Gone are the days of sending a pin with little or no context – you can send text messages along with pins/boards/pinners within the messaging app.

But what does this mean for marketers?

Pinterest just got personal.

The days of companies repinning or liking and merely hoping somebody notices are over. Pinterest’s new messaging feature is as significant as being able to @reply someone on Twitter. Brands can now engage fans, potential customers and influencers. Here are some marketing ideas to get your gears turning.

How Your Brand Can Take Advantage of Pinterest Messaging

  1. Noticed somebody pinned a product from your ecommerce website? Let them know it’s on sale (especially if their board is “I need this” or something similar). Why is this a good idea? Pinterest generates 4x more revenue (per click) than Twitter and 27% more per click than Facebook. Pinterest leads to sales.
  2. Have you found a pinner who’s interested in your brand’s niche? Follow them (to make them aware of you and hopefully follow something of yours back) and then send them a message. Include an applicable board, pin or fellow pinner that would benefit them to follow in that message, give them something that benefits them.
  3. Do you pin your company’s blog posts on Pinterest? If you know your loyal customers or fans on Pinterest, send them a message and ask them to check it out. Start a conversation!

Pinterest has not only given its users a powerful new tool to interact, but also marketers. I sincerely hope, as marketers, Pinterest messaging doesn’t turn into spamming every follower your boards have. If you’re messaging people just to message them, you’re doing it wrong. This fantastic new feature should be used to make connections and have conversations on Pinterest.

What are your thoughts? Any ideas how Pinterest messaging could help your brand on Pinterest?

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