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E-Tailing Group’s 2012 E-Commerce Study Findings

Mike Krass • June 25, 2012 • 1 minutes to read

In their recent 2012 Merchant Survey ...

The e-tailing groupstudied the ROI impact of different personalization techniques used by marketers.

Here are some other interesting facts that the survey discovered:

  • Lack of Purchase: 72% of site visitors that place an item in a virtual shopping cart don't actually make the purchase
  • What's the Correct Channel?: Immediately following a shopping cart abandonment, the most effective marketing opportunities are triggered email and display retargeting
  • Timing is Everything: Of shopping cart abandoners, 72% of these consumers will return within 12 hours to complete the purchase process

You can learn more about their methodology & findings by ...

... reading this iMedia Connection article that examines the results of the study in more detail.

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