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Facebook’s Push for Fan Engagement

Mike Krass • May 16, 2012 • 2 minutes to read

In the past month, Facebook has been pushing engagement as a key performance metric instead of volume of likes.

This was apparent when the social network rolled out their 'talking about this' metric, which calculates the number of users who are actively mentioning / interacting with a brands Facebook fan page.

So, which brands have the biggest presence on Facebook?

According to data released in a recent Mashable article, the top five brands with the largest number of Facebook fans are.

Coca Cola has the largest number of Facebook fans in the world.

Next question: How engaged is Coca-Cola's audience of more than 400 million?

According to the same data, the answer is ** not very much. **

As a percentage, Coca-Cola posts a **0.00% **engagement rate.

When putting together your brands social strategy, use the following questions  to guide your decision-making process of what is important to achieve by tapping into social channels:

  • What actions do we want users to take within our social channels?
  • Based on our proposed strategy, are we able to calculate the value of each 'like'? Is this even important to us?
  • When will we schedule regular performance check ins to review the answers to the two questions above?

You can always give us a shout via Twitter with any additional questions you may have!

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