Full Time Remote Search Engine Optimization Expert & BrightEdge Power User

Overview of the Role

The client portfolio at MKG Marketing is growing and we need someone to support the existing SEO experts with SEO  accounts.

We plan to onboard you with one to three B2B Tech clients with the support of our SEO and Account Directors. While learning about these clients, you will be tasked with supporting the rest of the SEO team with various tasks like keyword research and strategy, on-page optimization, and content strategy.

During the contract period, our Account Directors will be assessing your skill set, the team’s needs, and your passions to have you own clients and, if a full time offer is made, beyond.

MKG prides itself on hiring experts with 8+ years of experience (many with over 15). It’s quite possible that one of our team members has more experience than you. We work as a team to produce the best results for our clients. This means that we’re constantly learning from each other and enhancing our skill sets.

Job Purpose: What will this person do?

Key SEO Accounts (60% of Time)

You will support one to three SEO clients with the guidance of an Account Director. You will be responsible for Organic Search Strategy and Execution for these clients. There will be a transition process between you and the current stakeholder and ongoing support as you continue to learn about this client.

Supporting SEO Team (30% of Time)

You’ll also be supporting and learning the ways of MKG from the SEO Directors. They’ll be working with you on tasks to support their clients and further your SEO expertise, specifically around keyword research and content strategy.

Analytics Support (10% of Time)

Finally, you’ll also be supporting the Analytics Team with monthly reporting needs.

Key SEO Skills Required

  1. BrightEdge Power User: We are a BrightEdge agency. We use it for all our SEO clients to track keywords, analyze current website performance, and to make new recommendations. We need someone who knows how to use all aspects of the tool.
  2. Site Auditing: Ability to audit a new or existing client site and identify top priorities for technical and on-page SEO optimizations to improve rankings and/or prevent penalties.
  3. Keyword Research and Strategy: Experience using industry-leading tools such as BrightEdge to perform extensive keyword research and recommend strategy to our clients.
  4. Content Strategy: “Quarterbacking” our technology clients on what content to create, building content outlines with keyword research/SEO best practices, and working with client managed writers to optimize new content. During the interview process we will ask for examples - please come prepared.
  5. On-Page SEO: Ability to dissect every optimizable element to provide on-page optimizations that will help increase the search engine results page (SERP) ranking for that URL.
  6. B2B Technical Brand Experience: Ideally we’d like candidates who already have knowledge about what some of our clients do like container management, blockchain, server virtualization, etc. Or can show that they can learn about very technical clients fairly quickly and easily - please come prepared.
  7. Nice to Have - Off-Page SEO: Good content ‘earns’ links. But we still need to identify any good inbound linking opportunities both with one-offs, as well as setting a strategy on targeted inbound link opportunities.
  8. Nice to Have - SEO Opportunity Prospecting: We want proactive individuals who know how to look for SEO opportunities for our clients. We don’t adhere to the Ronco “set it and forget” model; we look for new opportunities to improve rankings or compete in new keyword categories.

Specific Measures of Success

  • Follow-through: Completing the cycle of a task. E.g. going from keyword opportunity discovery to recommendations to and reporting success.
  • Comprehensive and Critical On-Page SEO Eye: Recommends 5 - 10 on page optimizations for each client every week. We found this to be very effective in showing client results and showing our value because it’s visual and tangible.
  • Communication Skills: Have the ability to walk through your recommendations with the client in a way they understand. In short: Explain the “why” behind your recommendation.
  • Understanding: You can talk about the client’s products / solutions completely. We work with clients who sell complicated products and services; to produce effective work, we need to understand their business.
  • Ownership: Complete ownership of at least one SEO client by the end of the three month contract period.
  • Strong Teamwork Capability: Helping each and every teammate out when asked - making sure you have a good understanding of what needs to get done, then executing with minimal overview or back and forth by end of three months.


  • 8+ years of On-Page SEO experience
  • 8+ years of Content Strategy and Marketing (can overlap with existing SEO experience)
  • 8+ years of experience communicating SEO strategy, execution and results to internal stakeholders and external clients.
  • Ability to complete a SEO practice exercise designed by MKG Marketing’s Director of Search Engine Optimization.
  • BrightEdge Certification
  • Ability to work remotely a requirement. Proof of work setup must be visually shown.
  • Able to travel once a year for a company all hands meeting and one to two times a year for client meetings (expense paid by company)
  • Nice To Haves:
    • Certifications: Google Analytics IQ
    • Experience using Screaming Frog and SpyFu

Why Work for MKG

This initial offer is a full-time contractor position. This will be a three month trial position working 40 hours per week.

The hire would work for approximately 40 hours per week (160 each month) and must be present for any/all client meetings.

Following the three month trial period, a few outcomes can happen 10 business days before your contract has ended:

  1. Part ways amicably (essentially 2 weeks notice on either side)
  2. Extend a full time position offer

If a full time position is offered at the conclusion of three month trial period, here are the benefits to be aware of:

  • Flexibility: We are a family-oriented company and want our team members to be happy both at work and at home. Ask some of our team members about how flexible MKG is as a company.
  • Base Salary: TBD - depends on location, years of experience, and expertise displayed in the interview process.
  • Health coverage: We offer healthcare benefits that includes medical (United Healthcare), dental (Guardian), and vision (Guardian). MKG subsidizes 100% of the first $300 of your health coverage and $200 for dependents.
  • Retirement/401k/Savings Plan: MKG offers 100% match for up to 4% of your gross salary (Safe Harbor plan).
  • A mandatory 20 days of vacation time: FTEs take at least one month (20 business days) of vacation every year. Use it or lose it!
  • Annual stipend of $1,500 to spend on professional development and business needs (internet, hardware beyond what is initially provided, and software beyond what is standard.)
  • Bonus.ly Employee Recognition: Earn MKG stars that can be cashed in for Amazon gift cards. These stars are handed out by your colleagues in recognition of you kicking a$$ and taking names - in other words, we want you to be recognized for being a complete rock star!
  • New Business Finders Fee: 5% finder’s fee for bringing in net new business for brand new clients. Calculated as 5% of the gross value of the first contract signed (project) or the first month’s retainer (retainer - ongoing).
  • 3 Months of Paid Maternity/Paternity leave for all pregnancies. Regardless if you or your partner is pregnant, you are eligible for three full months of paid leave to be with your new family. Regardless of whether this is your first or 5th pregnancy.

If you are a self-driven SEO Expert and BrightEdge Power User with extensive B2B experience then apply by:

If you do not follow these three rules to a “t” your application will be automatically filtered out of view.

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