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Rockstar Content Marketing Strategist: Acquired

Adam Bullock • April 3, 2014 • 2 minutes to read

Greetings and hello! My name is Adam Bullock and I am thrilled to have joined the MKG Marketing team as their rockstar Content Marketing Strategist! My professional background runs the gamut of different industries, but the one constant has been my passion for digital marketing and finding innovative ways to engage people online.

Tangent Alert!

I've found the phrase "content marketing" to pop up more often and the majority of the time it tends to revolve around the confusion of the phrase.

Good news! There's no reason to be confused. Content marketing isn't really anything new; it's just now been properly defined.

The Engine

Very simply, content marketing is the engine that powers all the different marketing programs for a company. And when that engine is humming with valuable and engaging content, the engine is full throttle!

Engaging content improves time on site for websites, prompts people to take action on social media and drives clicks for display advertisements. When executed well, a good content marketing strategy can turn a normally static experience into an awesome "event." It turns website visitors into prospects, social followers & fans into brand evangelists and paid visitors into converters.

I'm excited to have joined such a talented marketing agency and can't wait to start producing awesome "events" for our clients!

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