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How Technical Writers Promote Their Content

Mike Krass • Tuesday, May 26, 2015 • 3 minutes to listen

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Introducing Dirk Strauss

We'd like to introduce you to our friend Dirk Strauss.

Dirk is a software developer and Microsoft MVP who lives and works in South Africa. He writes a lot of technical and how-to guides for .NET and C# developers.

Oh yeah - he has a SWEET accent as well :D

Why are we talking about Dirk?

Last month we worked with Dirk on a Parallels Desktop influencer program. After he finished his video demo and write up, we asked him one simple question:

How do you promote the content that you write?

And let me tell you: It was neat hearing from a technical writer!

So neat, in fact, that we recorded a podcast of our conversation. You can listen to that at the top  or  bottom of this post.

How Dirk Promotes His Writing

Dirk mentioned that four most common ways he gets readers to the blog:

  • Paid Facebook Advertising
  • Paid StumbleUpon
  • Blog Commenting
  • Search Engine traffic

Dirk's Number #1 Source of Traffic: SEO

The absolute best source of traffic for Dirk's blog is: Organic Search Engines (SEO).

Let's hear it direct from him:

Search engine visitors from Google and Bing are looking for advice. "How to fix this..." or "Why is that broken?"

The reason I enjoy blogging is because I get to share my expertise with others and help them. I research coding practices the exact same way my readers do. We attack search engines and forums looking for answers.

And if there are none? Then I write up a post.

Stories that get the most traffic SOLVE A SIGNIFICANT PROBLEM. This is the type of information I like to write about and read. It helps people. And that's all that matters.

Dirk's 3 Tips for Technical Writing

At the conclusion of our podcast, Dirk summed up his insights into three helpful tips.

  1. Content is not Static: Think how your readers consume your content. Video? Audio? Blog posts? Think about the right mix.
  2. Fresh Content: Don't get in the habit of writing every day for a month and then falling off the face of the earth. Get in the habit of writing on a schedule.
  3. How Wide is Your Niche? Think about how narrow or wide your writing topics are. Will you write stories for a small niche? Well, then expect that you'll have a glass ceiling on traffic figures. Writing for both niche  and  general technical readers gets you more readers.