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A PPC Professional Uses the New Google Ads 2018 Interface - Part 3 - No Country for Old Men

Adam Bullock • May 24, 2018 • 2 minutes to read

You know, I haven’t had much to report lately.

And that’s a good thing.

I’ve been slowly, but surely, getting more and more used to Google Ads Experience™.

Are there some annoying little quirks? Sure.

Is it as bad of a transition as I thought it would be? Not really!

The same data is there. It’s just presented in a different way.

I keep thinking something is going to pop out...I get a little tense using the Google Ads Experience™ expecting something to happen, or surprise me. It reminds me a little of “No Country for Old Men” which literally kept me in suspense the whole time...

I’m still not wild about how dark the gray is on the left sidebar. Although, I honestly think they’ve lightened it just a hair by a degree or two every week, it’s much lighter than it was initially.

A New Version of Google Ads is Available

On Friday afternoon, the Google Ads Experience™ wouldn’t stop giving me this error:

I went back to the old interface and encountered zero issues.

I will admit, I like the chunkier bar with a bigger button to click than the old interface:

That red bar haunts my nightmares.

Show Less Space...Doesn’t?...Show Less Space

PROBABLY a bug since I have never actually clicked this button before, but on the main bar there is a button that, when highlighted, says “Show less space?”

When you click on that funky button (the iconography could use some work, right gang?), the selectable boxes on the left get a HAIR smaller. That’s it.


Okay, yep, definitely a bug - it absolutely now shows less spacing. The padding is reduced by about a quarter vertically.

That’s It?

That’s it!

Things have actually gone smoother than I had anticipated. Having to re-do my columns for every client and every section of the account has been totally unfun, but just part of the process.

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