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Happy Birthday & The Power of Content

Mike Krass • August 8, 2012 • 3 minutes to read

Big news for us over at MKG Marketing: We turned one year old on July 25!

Since kicking off our company a little over a year ago, we have gone through a few versions of the value we provide our clients:

  • Small media buying shop
  • Small media planning and buying shop
  • User acquisition focused media buying shop Whew! As you can tell, we've pushed through a few value offers in a short amount of time.

Which finally lead us to our current value proposition is, which is ...

MKG is in the business of delivering loyal customers to your brand. We use paid and organic channels to deliver these customers.

We've always had a plethora of experience in the paid space, but now we are making the transition to incorporate more organic channels into the marketing mix.

So ...

We want to beef up our organic capabilities. What does that mean?

We'd like to help establish our clients as thought leaders in their particular fields using content.

Why is this valuable? Take this recent quote from Stratageezy on for size:

' According to a recent study by IDG Connect, B2B technology buyers now spend only 21% of their journey through the buying cycle in conversations with sales people. They spend more than 55% of the buying cycle searching for and engaging with content.' The stat above begins to prove what Attention founder Curtis Houghland mentioned in last years AdExchanger interview. '[using social media] We can actually engage in conversations, which is the Holy Grail for marketers.'

So, what's the point of creating conversations / building out content strategies for our consumers?

The point is that we want to encourage cyclical conversations between brands and their customers.

Content strategies allow us to produce and syndicate expert content that help brands to show off their chops.

Building up their expertise helps keep the communication circle open with current / prospective clients.

Instead of only relying on an ad that shows up for a finite amount of time, brands are able to continuously engage & communicate with users across the web on an ongoing basis.

Okay I understand the value here. But what will this look like?

Our first stab at beefing up our organic chops is building out a content engine.

This engine will provide the following:

  • Between 3 - 5 unique pieces of content for brands' .com pages & outside partner domains (guest blogging on CNN, for example)
  • The ability to market this content and have users come to rely on your brands expert advice
  • Building on the previous point, establish the client as the brand authority over a specific piece of subject matter

How this works alongside paid channels ...

We see paid & organic complementing each other very well.

One example situation could be ...

  • User reads guest article on
  • This leads them to search for the brand on Google
  • As the results page appears, the brands ad appears above the results
  • User can either organically arrive at the brand website or click on the paid search link to visit the site

This is exciting!

Our clients are excited. We as an agency are excited. And users across the web who are constantly consuming content are excited to have additional resources to rely on for expert advice.

By customizing marketing strategies to include both paid and organic communication channels, we are able to supply our clients with marketing plans that don't simply 'add to the clutter' that is the big advertising / marketing machine.

We're helping these clients add value to consumers lives. We're looking to make a difference. And we're really excited about it.

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