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Keyword Stuffing: A Creative Take

Christian Bullock • April 20, 2015 • 2 minutes to read

Keyword stuffing: a topic that was a very hot one in the search engine optimization world many years back. 10-15 years ago, it was a sure fire way to actually secure a competitive ranking in search engines for whatever keyword you were using stuffing techniques.

Nowadays? It's still discussed... but more or less is all about "keyword ratios" and "keyword density." Search engines definitely caught on: you stuff keywords in your content, they won't throw you a bone (in fact, they might just take it entirely away).

We're so excited to announce a creative take on the history of keyword stuffing: The Keyword Stuffer - The Life, Times & Crimes of Key McWords. This 1,500+ word short story weaves historical keyword stuffing history and techniques with a creative short story about a fictional character - Key McWords - and his cronies.

We're sure those involved in online marketing back in the days of when keyword stuffing was rampant would get a hoot out of this. We also think this is a nice little educational piece of content for those who maybe weren't in the online marketing world before 2005 / 2006; it shows truly how much the Internet and SEO was "the wild, wild west" back then.

A little sample of the content:

Key had all of the fixings prepared: the stuffing was perfectly stuffed in the stuffed turkey, potatoes and gravy were warm, and the cranberries were in the shape of the tin can they came out of due to Clark’s insistence that be the case today. Our goal with this project? First: to entertain. We had so much fun creating the world, characters and story that we'd love to get others to read this and find it amusing.

Our secondary goal is for people to tweet out about this site by using the button at the end of the content. If we get 1,000 tweets using this button, we'll be releasing a resource called Keyword Stuffing in 2015: What Not To Do From Key McWords.

So please - take a read of the page, hit some of those fun interactive elements (beer can bottle opening was recorded by us and - shamefully - we did have to purchase the Pussycat Dolls piece of music), and make sure to hit that tweet button at the bottom of the post.


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