View from Here - October 2019 Update

Goodbye, Q3. Hello Q4!

As PSL sales heated up in the month of September, so did the activity here at MKG Marketing.

We’ve got some new faces.

Familiar faces meeting up for our annual retreat.

And clients receiving some serious love from the news media as they launch new products, move into larger office space as well as being profiled in major media publications.

Keep reading on to learn the details!

Rachel Goldkamp Joins MKG as Fall Intern

Rachel Goldkamp joined the MKG Marketing team as our Fall business operations intern in September.

Leaning on her experience as a Navy ROTC officer, Rachel’s role will be to work with the Account Direction team to help standardize and document our core business and service processes.

A few fun facts about Rachel:

  • She is originally from St Louis
  • Last year, she was deployed on a submarine (to a classified location) for 23 hours
  • Learned how to drive a stick-shift transmission at the age of 12

Hear from Rachel herself on our Facebook page!

MKG’s Annual Summit in Denver, CO

Every 12 months (or so) we bring our entire remote team together for a few days of collaboration events, learning events and fun, team-building exercises.

This year our Annual Summit was held in beautiful Denver, Colorado, and it did not disappoint!

We kicked off the first day of our two day summit with a Quest Room that included hidden clues, more than 5 padlocks and a series of interactive videos that challenged us to identify patterns to unlock the next step in our Quest Room journey.

Led by the Joy of Professional Learning team, we are proud to announce that we successfully unlocked all of the clues and found the prize!

Following the Quest Room and some individual breakout sessions, we grabbed some dinner followed by karaoke at the Voicebox in the RiNo district of Denver. Here is John belting out some Elton John!

On day two of the Summit we visited the Zoom Video Conference office in the Denver Tech Center (DTC).

During this visit we spoke with sales and marketing leaders about quota setting, acquisition vs VAST (Value Added Sales) sales teams as well as digital marketing trends that Zoom is leveraging to help power their business to reach more prospective Zoom customers every single day.

The Summit wouldn’t be complete without an announcement of our 2020 retreat. In September 2020 we’ll be heading to Chicago for our Annual Summit. Look out Windy City here comes MKG!

Clients See Some Serious Love in the Media

Our client’s are superheroes. There’s no reason to soften our words - they all use their unique superpowers each and every day to help grow the business they represent into a bigger, faster, badder version of it’s current self.

And we aren’t the only ones taking notice!

While this isn’t a complete list, take a look at some of our clients who are being recognized in the business world.

That’s all He Wrote!

You know how this part of the post goes: September is officially in the books. On to October!

If you have any questions for me directly, don’t hesitate to hit us up on Twitter at @mkgmarketinginc where we can reply to your tweet or DM a response.

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