Choosing the Right Client & Agency Partnership

After reading this ClickZ article, Choosing the Right Partner: The Client-Agency Relationship, we wanted to pass along a couple tips the author shared about building the right client / agency relationship.


Tip #1: Make Sure the Agency's Skills Closely Align With Your Needs

  • Situation: Many client-agency relationships fail because there is a mismatch between client needs and agency capabilities
  • Solution: When brands are evaluating agencies' capabilities, they should keep the following items in mind:
    • Have a clear understanding of what you want and what you need
    • Don't let flashy presentation materials woo you -- make sure that the agency can deliver on their pitch

Tip #2: Make Sure the Agency Has a Proven Track Record

  • Situation: Oftentimes, agencies have a tough time delivering their pitched solution on time, under budget and at a high quality of work
  • Solution: Verify the following things:
    • Track Record: What similar clients or programs have they executed before? How did they perform?
    • Their Process: What makes their process special? Can they articulate why it works?

Tip #3: Make Sure the Agency Can Play Well With Others

  • Situation: Clients tend to tap numerous agencies to deliver on offline, digital and creative marketing needs
  • Solution: Ask the following questions:
    • Experience: What other clients has this agency 'split duties' with across a set of marketing partners?
    • Process: When working with other agencies, what processes are put in place?

What other tips does your brand have to share?

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