Commercials: The Ultimate Time Suck (Infographic)

Time flies when you're having fun!

And that's why when you watch commercials it feels like time is standing still.

I'm sad my favorite TV shows are over for the season, but thrilled that I no longer have to watch commercials for the next three months!

A commercial-free summer.

Like four and a half million people, I, too, have hopped onto the Hulu Plus bandwagon. I have cut the cord and catch all my shows the day after they air using my iPad and Chromecast. It's awesome. It's TV on my time.

However, Hulu seriously has to work on their commercial variety. I have watched the Geico picture frames commercial at least 5 times an episode, once each commercial break.

Which got me thinking...

How much time have I lost watching commercials on Hulu Plus?

Well, I did the math. And it's eye-opening.

Check it out below and consider sharing with your friends and family - how much time are they wasting watching commercials on Hulu?

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