Examples of Highly Clickable Banner Ads

Mashable's new article, 10 Amazingly Clickable Banner Ads, examines ten highly creative and effective banner ads that are just begging to be clicked.

Here are a few of our favorites:


When users searched for a new car onĀ dubizzle.com, Dubai's best resource for house & car hunting, Nissan wanted to be provide the most relevant advertising experience for their users.

Based on the car options users selected (coupe, sedan, van) the corresponding ad creative pops up next to your search result.

See the case study here


Ikea put their entire inventory in an interactive 300x250 web banner.

Instead of sending users to their website, Ikea allowed shoppers to browse their online inventory in the convenience of their banner ad.

See the case study here


Acura tapped into a rich media execution on Wired.com to grab the attention of users visiting Wired.com

See a live demo of the ad here

Take a look at all the banner ads featured by clicking here</em>

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