Facebook Purchases Karma, a Mobile-Based Social Gifting Application

With another agressive move into the mobile arena, Facebook acquired Karma for an undisclosed amount last Friday

Facebook has been making waves in the mobile space, with Karma being it’s fifth mobile-specific acquisition this year alone.

The others include:

  • Instagram
  • Glancee
  • Tagtile
  • Lightbox

How will these purchases improve Facebook's product?

Well …

  • Loyalty & Commerce Platforms: Along with Tagtile, incorporating Karma's loyalty and e-commerce capabilities could potentially open a new revenue stream for Facebook by monetizing all the social chatter & user data into customized loyalty offerings
  • Visual upgrades: Instagram is a company born out of the ashes of amateur photographers taking professional quality photographs. The visual aspect of incorporating more still / video experiences into the Facebook platform will allow users to upload, share & customize more personal content
  • Location Based Services: Glancee, a competitor of Highlight, Banjo, Circle (the list goes on -- read more here), offers location-based social networking services. If Facebook were able to combine this geographic capability with loyalty or commerce platforms like Tagtile / Karma, they could make a strong push into location specific loyalty & commerce offerings

You can read more about the Karma acquisition in this ClickZ article.

What other parts of Facebook's mobile experience need improving?

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