Four Characteristics of a Loyal Customer

As you may have read, we’re in the business of delivering loyal customers to our clients.

But what exactly is a loyal customer?

The following are four characteristics that help us identify customers who are (or could be) faithful to a service, product or brand:

Repeat Purchaser

You can’t predict if a potential customer will be a repeat purchaser… but you can certainly increase the odds that they will be.

Did you know that 12-15% of consumers are loyal to a single retailer? Seems fairly small… but this segment of consumers represent between 55-70% of sales citation. That’s a huge percentage!

How do customers become repeat purchasers? 89% of the time, it’s critical to work on providing the best customer experience and show that you’re the best option possible when the consumer makes their first purchase or begins their service with you and when the customer needs help resolving an issue citation


Customers who have a thirst for knowledge. These are consumers who enjoy learning about anything and everything.

This can also be a customer who does a ton of competitor research but finds your brand to offer the best solution for him / her.

As a brand, this means staying one step ahead of your competitors so the customer continues to find value in your service or product. This helps ensure the customer that your brand is the right choice.

Wants To Join a Loyalty Program (and Actually Receive Offers)

Loyalty programs are a great incentive to try to entice loyal customers to stick with you. That being said, 62% of Americans join loyalty programs for discounts but only 36% get the rewards they signed up


Better yet, 85% of loyalty program members don’t hear anything from their loyalty programs after the first day they signed up

Double ouch.

Talk about a missed opportunity!

Seeking Personal Connections

Customers who want to know your brand inside and out. They want to know everything - from brand history to its office location(s). These customers will scour the Internet looking for news and discussion groups based on the brand.

The important thing to focus on for this characteristic is to be transparent. There needs to be a name, face and story for the customer to read and learn. To these individuals, you’re not just a brand; you’re an integral part of their life.

The Payoff

Find customers who satisfy these four characteristics and you’ll find that you will be building brand evangelists. 78% of consumers spread the word about the brands they love with 68% buying more from these brands. That’s reason enough to work hard to develop loyal customers.

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